Disneyland’s Magic Key passes sell out after one day

Disneyland’s Magic Key passes sell out after one day

Disneyland’s Magic Key passes resumed sale on Wed. Jan. 10.

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Magic Key passes are Disneyland’s annual pass system that went into place in 2021. Different from their previous system, guests are now required to make a reservation to enter the park regardless of their ticket or pass type. Disneyland implemented the new system as part of their COVID-era protocols to better regulate how many guests were attending the Anaheim theme park.

Prior to 2020, those with annual passes were able to come and go from the parks as they pleased, as long as it wasn’t a blackout day for their pass. Disneyland started experimenting with a reservation-only pass in 2019 with their Flex Pass. The $599 Flex Pass had just as many blackout days as their $1,149 Signature pass, with the main difference being that guests were required to make an advance reservation to visit the theme park.

Those who wanted to purchase the Magic Key passes this week were told to join the queue no earlier than 8:45 a.m. and that they would go on sale no earlier than 9 a.m.

However, things didn’t go as planned. As soon as the clock struck at 8:45 a.m., Disneyland’s website crashed.

Trying to buy a Disneyland Magic Key pass, but stuck on an endless loading page. On the other browser it goes straight to an error page so I’m hoping the endless circle of death is a sign that I’m in line. Any update from Disney? #disneyland #magickey @Disneyland @DisneyParks

— Sarah Churgin (@VetAdventurer) January 10, 2024

Me praying to Daddy Walt to fix the Magic Key Virtual Queue for @Disneyland pic.twitter.com/H5y92stE0E

— Babyeblueeyes (@Brightbbyblue) January 10, 2024

It amazes me that @Disneyland ‘s IT Department didn’t prepare for the Magic Key Passes based off their experience last time. @Disneyland should make an update. Their radio silence is LOUD.

— Babyeblueeyes (@Brightbbyblue) January 10, 2024

Doom circle Magic Key still not up 5 mins in. It looks like it might not happen today… #MagicKey #Disneyland pic.twitter.com/BCNhm2K1XY

— Lauren Baldwin (@LaurenBVibe) January 10, 2024

Oh joy, it’s going to be one of those Disneyland days Come on Magic Key page! Sending you some pixie dust! LOL pic.twitter.com/mxaK4Cb2lm

— Kim Tate (@StuffedSuitcase) January 10, 2024

Just before 9 a.m. some prospective buyers had some luck and were able to successfully join the queue while also sharing tips with others on how to join.

In the Queue for a Disneyland Magic Key pass since 8:58 AM and it hasn’t moved. God I hope the wife and I can get the Inspire Key. pic.twitter.com/wBVaGf22PN

— Ronnie (@PutsInDemand) January 10, 2024

@Disneyland your tech team needs to figure out how to scale technology so it doesn’t take us 45 minutes to get the magic key page to load. 45 minutes just to get into queue is rediculous! #CloudComputing #highavailability #autoscaling

— Jeff Knight (@jbknight13) January 10, 2024

Go to your cart, and click on magic key passes that’s how I got in

— carlos luna (@look__itscarlos) January 10, 2024

Once people were able to join the queue, they waited.

In the Disneyland Magic Key Pass queue pic.twitter.com/lge9AWNq3u

— Michelle (@themeparkxplore) January 11, 2024

Been in the queue for 40 mins now wtf @Disneyland i just want to purchase my magic key pass before i go to work

— Yosune (@Y0YOo) January 10, 2024

At least with @Comic_Con tickets, we were spared 5+ hours waiting in queue. We lost hope within 40 minutes when they sold out, lol.

I’m still waiting until @Disney tells me otherwise It’s been a while since I was a @Disneyland pass holder. It’s time for a Magic Key pic.twitter.com/yhwfKJqi0b

— Jeanette Hernandez (@ChasinCaroline) January 10, 2024

the way I’m on hour FIVE of the magic key queue for Disneyland like girl… pic.twitter.com/23vm7RGYLl

— jonathan (@Jonyboyyy16) January 10, 2024

Magic Key data for those interested. Got in at 8:52, and progress has moved, but only to 0.02, so still have the message on waiting more than an hour. You can look at the requests and see this info. #magickey #Disneyland pic.twitter.com/CorsbXflUg

— Steven Meyer (@StevenMeyerUX) January 10, 2024


i have a whole other video for yall that will be posted once i actually get in lmaoo but anyone else lowkey losing it… just 6 hours in & had to let out a lil sum sum🫨 #disneyland #magickey #magickey2024 #foryou

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Knotts looks pretty good right now#magickey #disneyland

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Throughout most of the day, Disneyland’s 9:38 a.m. message update for those in the queue remained the same, the Imagine Key’s, Enchant Key’s, Believe Key’s and Inspire Key’s were all still available to purchase.

Finally, we have a wait time for the Magic Key queue! @Disneyland pic.twitter.com/wKjOdj8AeS

— jenna (@brutal_doodle) January 10, 2024

In addition to the virtual queue, there was also a long wait for those renewing passes in person at the Anaheim theme park.


here’s the current status of purchasing a Magic Key at Disneyland! #disney #disneyland #magickey #magickeyholder #disneyparks #disneyfan

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its wild #california #disneyparks #disneyland #distokfam #distok #themepark #disney #magickeyholder #magickey #disneyrides #disneyadult #magickeysales

♬ GDFR (feat. Sage the Gemini & Lookas) – Flo Rida


3 HOUR WAIT and still waiting here at Disneyland! Disneyland dropped Magic Keys today and people have been in line ALL MORNING at the park! Were you successful getting your Magic Key? GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! #disneyland #magickey #madness #crowded #distok #disneytiktok #californiaadventure #disneytips #disneyadult #disneygay #insane #crowd #goodluck #foryourepage #fyp #jerendelle #jerendelleofarendelle

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Those who were able to get a Magic Key pass took to social media to celebrate.

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I bought a magic key pass for Disneyland after missing out for years. I can’t wait to spend my days off reading at the parks and trying all the different cold brews and snacks.

— Ash (@_blackgate) January 11, 2024

After waiting in a queue for almost 5-6 hrs, I got a magic key pass …now to start a fun journey to the happiest place on earth #Disneyland #MagicKey #Inspire #HappiestPlaceOnEarth

— Sandyy (@namjoon_oppaxo) January 11, 2024

After 9 hours me and my bf are Disney magic key holders again @Disneyland pic.twitter.com/ZIwDjRO360

— Juliana Savalsa (@julianasavalsa) January 11, 2024

Finally got our Magic Key passes!! I’m so excited to finally get to experience Disneyland for the first time since I was a baby!

— Connor Smalling, M.S. (@connor_70) January 11, 2024

8 hours later and I’m now an Inspire Magic Key holder. I’m so excited. My son and hubby are Believers now too, lol. I can’t wait to celebrate at @DisneyParks again or just to go over for dinner lol. #Disneyland #magickey pic.twitter.com/zYm7GvL5I6

— Jeanette Hernandez (@ChasinCaroline) January 11, 2024



8:40am-1:37pm#magickey #disneyland #disneyparks pic.twitter.com/y72XjHJpwE

— Babyeblueeyes (@Brightbbyblue) January 10, 2024

Ohtani and Yamamoto to the Dodgers and I got Disneyland Magic Key passes for the family. 2024 is going to be a great year. pic.twitter.com/ehH7azoE5u

— luis ace (@luisace82) January 10, 2024

At 5:54 p.m. Disneyland updated those still in the queue that three of the four passes were sold out. The only pass that remained when the queue closed at 10 p.m. for the day was the Imagine Key pass, which is only available for Southern California residents with 90000 to 93599 zipcode.

Magic Key Update: For anyone looking to purchase a Disneyland Magic Key pass,the only pass available as of now to newly purchase is the Imagine Key which is ONLY for Southern California residents.

The Enchant Key, Believe Key and Inspire Key are now only available for renewals.

— Michelle (@themeparkxplore) January 11, 2024

For those who still don’t have their #MagicKey, sales have been paused as of 10pm and will resume again tomorrow after 9am. Guests will remain in the queue overnight, as long as they remain connected to the network and keep their browser window open. Only Imagine Key is available pic.twitter.com/dPdwKG5oN1

— MouseInfo | Disney News and Info (@MouseInfo) January 11, 2024


#greenscreen Magic Keys sold out in under NINE HOURS. The only keys left are the Imagine Key which is only available to Southern California residents. #magickey #magickeynews #disneylandmagickey

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While many wrere happy to have been able to purchase a Magic Key pass this time around, others weren’t so lucky.

@Disneyland you should be ashamed of yourself!

Magic key release was a JOKE

I tried to sign in at 9 am and the site was down. Got in the queue at 10. Was in queue till 6 pm and they were sold out

I’ve had a pass for 24 YEARS!!!! It only lapsed during the strikes

— Maria Sandoval (@Spacebraider) January 11, 2024

So disappointed with @Disneyland was in the queue for 9.5 hours to not get a magic key pass. Was right on at 8:45 when the system was crashing! So disappointed with how they are selling these now days!

— Mckayla Demers (@Mckaylajj) January 11, 2024

Has anyone had any luck securing a Disneyland Magic Key Pass?

— Michelle (@themeparkxplore) January 11, 2024


Maybe next time. #disneyland #disney #magickey #magickeypass #soloqueue #sloondberry

♬ What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture “Barbie”] – Billie Eilish

The Inspire Key, Believe Key and Enchant Key remain available to renew for current Magic Key holders. Last year Disneyland started selling Magic Key passes again in April.

UPDATE: Disney announced their sold out Magic Key passes are on sale again today April 11th, 9am PST… and we’re stuck in the queue for over an hour. #DisneyLand #MagicKeyPass pic.twitter.com/wIXs2FoJ3E

— International Spider-Man (@jeramiederoma) April 11, 2023