7 terrific Bay Area things to do this weekend, Jan. 26-28

7 terrific Bay Area things to do this weekend, Jan. 26-28

Rain or shine, we’ve got your back this weekend with fun and delicious ideas, including AI-themed concerts and shows, an amazing World War II drama and a yummy, crispy raspberry dessert.

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1 SEE & HEAR: Get your AI ya-ya’s out

It feels like artificial intelligence just became an everyday thing like, yesterday, and it’s already a theme in some concerts and shows playing in the Bay Area now. Here’s a rundown of some cool concerts and shows (AI-themed and otherwise) to catch in the Bay Area this weekend and beyond.

Traci Caton, of Santa Clara, throws an axe at at the Axe-Men Throw House in San Jose. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group) 

2 PLAY: Have some rainy day fun

To be honest, we have no idea if it’s going to rain this weekend. But when the showers do come, here is a fun-tastic itinerary with which to beat the bad weather. (And to be honest, this stuff is fun whether it’s raining or not).

3 SIP: Here’s to ‘Damp January’

For whatever reasons, a lot of people like to cut back on alcohol consumption this time of year. But doing so doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some tasty drink concoctions.

4 SEE & HEAR: ‘Sweet Dreams’ revisited

The Eurythmics are no more, but band guitarist and producer Dave Stewart is on tour (with Bryan Adams) celebrating the 40th anniversary of the new wave masterpiece, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).” The tour comes to San Jose this week. Here’s what Stewart has to say about the tour and the classic album.

5 MAKE & DEVOUR: Stand-out streusel bars

These raspberry streusel bars are sweet, tangy, crunchy and so, so easy to make (and gluten-free!). Here’s how it’s done.

Austin Butler and Callum Turner star in the World War II drama “Masters of the Air.” (Apple TV+) 

6 WATCH: A gripping new World War II series

“Masters of the Air” follows the exploits of the U.S. 100th Bomb Group during World War II, and it’s an entertaining and dazzling series (the $250 million budget didn’t hurt). It tops our roundup of new shows you should watch this weekend.

7 PLAY: Take on ‘Tekken 8’

Let’s face it, the family feud-themed video game, “Tekken 8,” often makes very little sense. But, man, is it fun to play.