‘ASKA’ announces next closed PC beta for ambitious Viking survival game

‘ASKA’ announces next closed PC beta for ambitious Viking survival game

The way Sand Sailor Studio talks about it, “ASKA” is going to be one of the most ambitious games in the survival genre. Creative director Cristian Diaconescu describes it as a co-op survival tribe builder in news release. That’s a lot of concepts thrown into a game, but they mingle in a way that is intriguing.

Players will have a chance to see what “ASKA” is all about in an upcoming closed beta, running from April 15 to April 21. In the project, players take on the role of a shipwreck survivor who lands on a mysterious island. They’ll have to survive and tame the land, building a Viking empire.

That means collecting resources, establishing a settlement and fending off attackers. What makes “ASKA” different from other efforts is that the artificial intelligence plays a big role as players have to summon intelligent NPC villagers that will help them avoid some of the repetitive pitfalls of the genre.

Players will “work alongside lively AI villagers that are almost indistinguishable from players,” Diaconescu stated. That sounds as though it will help “ASKA” transition from a survival game into more of a city builder-like economy system.

Players who are interested can try to sign up for the closed beta can go onthe “ASKA” Discord here. The “ASKA” beta is coming out on Steam.